In the best of five final, Liquid took down FURIA in 4 maps, in a thrilling 3-1 series.

In one of their more impressive runnings as of late, after poor showings at ESL Pro League & BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, in both events placing 9th or higher. Liquid pulled themselves together here, and shook off the shaky past few months, and took a seemingly easy route to the grand final, and the prizes at this Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event for the North America region.

Despite slightly over a month away from official competition, and some early struggles, Liquid clawed back. Originally FalleN did the calling for the team, however after a defeat to Extra Salt, Stewie2K took over those roles, and from then on, Liquid won all matches convincingly, including this Grand Final. Liquid had previously played FURIA at this event, which was an intense affair that went double overtime across two maps, with the final match going the whole way before Liquid notched up that precious 16:14 win. You'd have been forgiven if you went into this rematch of sorts between the pair, however, the popcorn thriller expectations didn't last very long. 

The stage was set for a long couple of hours, a best of five and people had got comfy expecting a long haul. Liquid however had turned up on point and fired up, the world tour was to take us, in order, around Overpass, Nuke, Inferno, Mirage & Vertigo. Even early on, the thrashes came quick, with Liquid repeatedly running over FURIA for a 16-7 on Overpass, which continued with only slightly slower pacing thanks to a somewhat more warmed up FURIA with 16-11 for Nuke. Thankfully however, it seemed the popcorn wasn't going to go to waste too soon, as FURIA suddenly lit the flames below their feet and managed to take away Liquids' own pick of Inferno and win a close map 16-14. With the audience and seemingly FURIA all fired up, we got into what turned into the last map, Mirage. However what actually happened is a huge walk over, with FURIA out of fuel and Liquid still with plenty of energy to throw about. Liquid took the map in an easy looking 16-5, and the match 3-1.

Liquid takes home $17,000, and receives 1600 RMR points. All teams, of all final placements, will take home points. After Liquid we have FURIA, with 1,500 points, and then -100 for all the lower placements of EXTREMUM, O PLANO, Extra Salt & paiN. Although 7th & 8th both take home 950 RMR points, those two being Bad News Bears & Evil Geniuses.