With just 4 teams left in the running, the teams will now have a few days to recover and layout their grand plan for the semi-finals, which will pick up on Saturday 11th December, with the final the day after.

After 3 days of chaos, 12 teams have fallen, amongst them were crowd favorites including Gambit, fnatic, FaZe & Astralis. The remaining 4 teams are Virtus.pro, Vitality, G2 & NIP.

The story so far for our final 4 looks as follows. For G2, they had a rough first match against TYLOO of all teams,  going 16-13 on Mirage. Next up, they managed to drown Liquid 2-0 across Vertigo & Dust2, before finally seeing down Vitality 2-1 with close games on Vertigo & Mirage, before G2 finally conquered Vitality convincingly on Inferno. Moving to Vitality, they saw off MOUZ early on, in an overtime match on Overpass 19-16, then floored NIP 2-0, and as we know from above, were beaten by G2. They managed to recover back to the top by taking down Gambit earlier today, in a close 2-1 match, sinking Gambit at the literal last hurdle for their own path to the semis. We'll now come to Virtus.pro, who is the only team to reach this stage without dropping a map. Firstly they had a close shave with ENCE, going 19-17 on the newest map to the pool, Ancient. They then saw down Gambit in an impressive 2-0 on Vertigo (16-14) and Dust2 (19-15), before then seeing down GODSENT on Mirage (16-14) and Dust2 (16-7). Last we come to NIP, who had a turbulent time getting here. Firstly they managed a convincing downing of Astralis 16-8, before getting savaged by Vitality in straight 0-2 across Inferno & Mirage. They then managed to recover by coming through OG 2-1, Liquid 2-0, and finally GODSENT 2-1 which finalized their position in the top 4.

Here are the matchups and dates going forward, using GMT timezone;

Saturday, December 11th

  • 1500 - Virtus.pro vs Vitality
  • 1815 - G2 vs NIP

The Grand Final will then play between the two winners of the above at 1500 on Sunday 12th