What an exciting week of Counter-Strike that turned out to be! Cloud9 overcame all, and take home the $100,000 prize, with ENCE taking home $42,000 with, what I'm sure they'll agree, was a rather disappointing show for them when it came to the final money match.

ENCE can't be too disappointed overall though, as up to that point they had only dropped one map, to the PGL 2022 Major winners FaZe, so they'll be no shame there especially given ENCE went on to win that match 2-1. On their path to the finals, they also took down MOUZ early on, smashed through G2 2-0, and also crashed straight through FURIA in another 2-0 match. Meanwhile, for Cloud9, they'll be very pleased with their recent acquisition of the former Gambit team, they played 7 matches and like ENCE lost just one of them. They started out by seeing off Liquid early on, however they were kicked to the lower bracket by FURIA 0-2. However the new look mostly Russian Cloud 9 were undistracted by this, and immediately came back to see off both NIP & Liquid 2-0 in both matches, then they dropped a map each to FaZe & BIG, but won both 2-1 and then finally today easily saw off ENCE to claim their $100k prize!

However, for some teams the experience will be bittersweet. Movistar Riders for instance came dead last, after losing their first match against G2 5-16 in the first round, and then were roundly kicked by MOUZ 0-2 in the lower bracket first elimination round. Other early exiters were MOUZ themselves, in 9th to 12th position, a ranking also shared by former powerhouse Astralis, earlier on however Complexity were able to continue their rather poor run into 2022 coming in 13th to 16th.

Looking ahead for the top teams here, Cloud9 are taking part in the Roobet Cup, and IEM Cologne Play-in in June & July respectively. ENCE will be taking part in the same events, plus BLAST Premier Spring Final set to start in 10 days. 

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