In the latest all CIS finale, Gambit were able to win the best of five Grand Final at the V4 Future Sports Festival, overcoming an impressive comeback attempt by opponents Entropiq.

At the start of the final, it looked like everyone could book an early taxi home, however, Entropiq recovered from early domination by Gambit, after they were 2 maps down. Accross Vertigo & Ancient, Gambit battered Entropiq at every opportunity, going 16-10 & 16-12 respectively, despite impressive calls and tactics by Entropiqs in-game leader (IGL), NickelBack. However, for the next two maps, Overpass (16-13 to Entropiq) & Mirage (16-7 to Entropiq), something miraculous was brewing in the background. Gambit were looking weak, and Entropiq were beating them in all the important matches and clutches where needed. Unfortunately by the fifth map, which was the true OG map of the pack, Dust2, Gambit had recharged all their brain cells, and Entropiq had done the opposite, after putting in all they could previous to maintain the comeback, Gambit snatched away the miracle come back with the force of a dentist with a childs sugary diet.

V4 Future Sports festival included such known talent as not just Gambit & Entropiq, but also Movistar Riders & BIG. Also attended were Fiend, Sinners, eSuba & Enterprise, who came through the Play-In contest to get a place, however, no one who came through the play-in got near the final, with them all coming outside the top 4, out of 8 teams.

Coming up for the teams, for Gambit is IEM Winter, where they get to face off with teams such as fnatic, FaZe & Liquid, whilst Entropiq are competing in ESEA Premier League Season 39 and also Funspark ULTI 2021 that kicks off in the next 24 hours. It may be getting near the end of the year, however for Counter-Strike esports, the next 4 weeks are huge in terms of events, with IEM Winter, BLAST Premier Fall Final, then World Final, as well as ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference deciding who plays in some events next year, and also will nicely wrap up events for 2021, before the players winter break sets in, where at least in the top tier of competition, competitions become thin until the new year has started, with larger events then not picking up again until February 2022.