The finals of Funspark ULTI 2021 will start on January 18th, and run until 24th, where between the 8 teams there's $250,000 worth of cash up for grabs, in the years first large pay out competition with some huge names in the world of Counter Strike esports! This will be an online EU event, as the Omicron variant still surges throughout much of Europe to put a stop to reliable LAN events still.

The eight qualified teams are split 4 invites, and four qualified through previous events. That's BIG & Extra Salt from the Funspark '20 EU Final, and ECSTATIC & K23 from the EU Rankings for Funspark '21. Meanwhile, the invited teams are Entropiq, fnatic, Astralis & Gambit, bringing some huge names to the tournament that was already looking stacked with BIG & Extra Salt. With commentary live from the Reog Media HQ in Serbia, by fan favourites 'JustHarry' & Hugo Byron delivery in-game commentary, and analysis with Mauisnake & kassad.

Extra Salt is one to keep an eye on, as they added 'junior' & 'Grim' just a week before the event, so they'll be hoping they had plenty of time to do lots of practice with the new teammates.

The initial matches, and then the order of play going forward is below, all times are GMT/UTC;

Tuesday, Jan 18th

  • 1100 - ECSTATIC vs Entropiq
  • 1400 - Astralis vs K23

Wednesday, Jan 19th

  • 1100 - fnatic vs BIG
  • 1400 - Extra Salt vs Gambit

Then play continues as

Thursday, Jan 20th

  • 1100 - Lower Bracket #1
  • 1400 - Lower Bracket #2

Friday, Jan 21th

  • 1100 - Upper Bracket Semi-Final
  • 1400 - Upper Bracket Semi-Final

Saturday, Jan 22nd

  • 1100 - Lower Bracket Semi-Final
  • 1400 - Lower Bracket Semi-Final

Sunday, Jan 23rd

  • 1100 - Lower Bracket Final
  • 1400 - Upper Bracket Final

Monday, Jan 24th

  • 1100 - Consolidation Final
  • 1400 - Grand Final

You can read the initial announcement tweet here.