After a few months of build up, it's all over. FaZe take home the trophy, $500,.000, and the in-game leader Karrigan at age 32, has finally lifted the Major Trophy, after coming so close so many times.

FaZe smashed through Bad News Eagles, Cloud9, Copenhagen Flames, NIP, Spirit & finally Natus Vincere on the path to the Major, with FaZe taking the crown in a 2-0 sweep of Natus Vincere, after a very close recovery by NAVI on the first map of Inferno, which after overtime went 19-16 in FaZe's favour. However, in Nuke the CIS legends NAVI weren't able to keep up quite the same amount of pressure  and fell 16-10.

After Karrigan was recruited to take the IGL role, FaZe has improved massively, and when Karrigan was able to reunite with MOUZ favorite ropz, became unstoppable with the backing of broky, rain & Twistzz, the latter joining at the same time as Karrigan, after their place on Liquid became vacant whilst they were updating the team back in late 2020. 

For Natus however, it was not to be their day, however as they go home disappointed, they still take $150,000 for getting this far in the tournament, after they also were able to see off G2, BIG, NIP, Heroic & ENCE to get to the finals, where they won all matches, a feat even FaZe were not able to do, after they lost their initial match to ENCE. 

So for now at least, #FaZeUp, however tomorrow is another day, how long they stay at the top, or will FaZe now suffer post-Major slump as has happened in the past with some teams?

Looking ahead, Natus Vincere & FaZe are both taking part in IEM Dallas, starting on May 30th, and both will also meet in the BLAST Premier Spring Final, so we have plenty of opportunities for grudge matches coming up! Plus in around 6 months time, they'll be another Major where both teams will be hoping to live up to their names once again!