It was 4 days of intense battles, but now the dust has settled we know who is going to where in the Major!

Heroic, FaZe, Natus Vincere & BIG secured Legend status, whereas Vitality, Eternal Fire, Outsiders & forZe will enter through the Challengers Stage. Meanwhile, OG, Dignitas, SAW, MOUZ, Unique, QUAZAR, GamerLegion and even perennial fan favorites fnatic will be going straight home and progressing no further in the competition. 

During qualifications just Heroic & BIG managed the magical 3-0 scoreline, catapulting them straight into the Major's Legend positions. Closely followed by FaZe, forZe & Natus Vincere at 3-1. However, it was a much closer shave for Outsiders, Eternal Fire & Vitality who managed to push out 3-2 in some narrow matches. However, on to the flip side of the table. SAW, OG & MOUZ missed out on some coin toss matches and exited in close 2-3 positions. Whereas Dignitas, fnatic & Unique managed just 1 win to 3 losses, and lastly QUAZAR & GamerLegion, who won no matches however for QUAZAR especially they should be proud of how far they got, coming through the open qualifiers despite being a sub 75 team. There's certainly no shame in losing to teams like MOUZ & Natus when your own level is that. For Natus, only Heroic put a dent in their armor, for FaZe it was BIG to do the same to them, and lastly for  forZe they impressively sprinted through OG, SAW & GamerLegion, only coming unstuck thanks to Heroic early on. They also lost to Natus in a 4th place decider match, but by this point both teams had qualified anyway, and it was just to determine who was going to Challengers (forZe) and who escaped the extra matches straight to Legends (Natus Vincere)

Tomorrow, the B side of the Europe RMR shall begin, where another 16 teams will collide. Those teams are ENCE, Copenhagen Flames, Players, NIP, G2, HEET, Astralis, Endpoint, Sangal, Anonymo, Bad News Eagles, ASG, Spirit, SINNERS, Sprout & Entropiq. A further 8 teams will qualify for the PGL Major, 4 to Legends, and 4 to Challengers