Eight teams came together for a rumble in Dubai. With NIP, Movistar Riders, MOUZ, TYLOO, Complexity, NASR, Falcons & OG in attendance, there were some favourites, and some underdogs. However at the end of the day, there was just a single winner, with NIP coming out on top. 

We'll start with the success stories. With of course, the number one success being NIP. They had a scary start in their first match against NASR, with the first map, Mirage, going 16-14 against the Swedish stalwart team. However they bounced back quickly and took the next maps being 16-9 & 16-5 giving NIP an easy road to recovery. Next up they crashed straight through OG 2-0, and then that is all they needed to enter the Grand Final. MOUZ proved a challenge in the start, going 16-11 on Nuke, although much like with NASR early on, NIP came back stronger than ever and took the trophy, and the cash prize 2-1 in the end. NIP are now $100,000 richer, with MOUZ hoping it'll give the team some much needed confidence after a very poor showing at IEM Dallas, coming sub 10th.

As for the lesser successful stories, we have to start with Complexity who were the first to be eliminated from the tournament, although given there were no lower tiers or second chances, it was mostly poor timing meaning their match was the first. Complexity fans, plus those hoping they're holding a magic card to help to revive North American CS were left disappointed, they were able to win Overpass, but crumbled on Vertigo & Inferno, losing 1-2. OG & Movistar finished in 3rd & 4th. Movistar saw off TYLOO, eliminating them, before themselves being cremated 0-2 by MOUZ, meanwhile for OG they later came across NIP after their previous beating of Complexity, losing to the later champions which we're sure won't be too much of a string, they were clearly on their game.

Looking forwards, many of the teams here, including OG, MOUZ & Complexity will feature at the Roobet Cup 2022, starting on June 22nd. OG will be competing in the BLAST Spring Finals, and Complexity, OG & NIP will be playing in either IEM Cologne directly (NIP) or at the Play-in (MOUZ, Movistar, Complexity & TYLOO) event for a place in the main show. It's looking to be a fantastic season of events!