After a lengthy game that went the full 5 maps, Heroic has fought off an amazing play from Gambit.

In a game that included one of the longest overtime matches of the year so far, with 54 rounds on just Train, Heroic won 3-2 in the Grand Final and get to take home the $200,000 prize.

The marathon match was a back-and-forth ordeal, with Heroic taking the first map of Inferno, Gambit taking Vertigo, and then continuing that through Train, Overpass & Mirage. The match certainly proves why Heroic & Gambit are both powerhouses for the countries of Denmark & Russia currently.

Starting on Inferno, the Danes got a firm beating to begin with, winning just 4 of the 15 rounds before the swap to T side. Here they fought back savagely and also put up an 11:4 taking us to 15:15 in the first map. Overtime saw a winner in Heroic in a first map that showed to everyone, just how much of a long haul this was going to be!

Moving to Vertigo, Gambit didn't let the disappointing comeback Heroic pulled off on Inferno get to them, and they quickly locked in the map early here with a very simple looking 16:3 to the Russian side. 

With the disappointment now on Heroic, Train was to be an epic battle, but we doubt anyone thought just how long it'd be. As with Inferno, both teams performed disappointingly on the T side, however turned fortunes around entirely on the CT giving us another 15:15.  Here, to everyone's surprise, we then saw through 4 overtimes, the first three ending in 18-18, 21-21 & 24-24, only then did Heroic manage to rain on the party and take the map 28:26!

After a short break, which both teams surely needed from the length of Train, on to Overpass! Both teams performed well in the first half, going into the team switch 8:7 to Gambit. Here, Heroic's power seemed to run out, and Gambit took the map relatively easily when all was said and done for the second half of the map.

On to the final map, and Heroic showed with all their might how they got to the final, saving a final hammer for the final match of the Grand Final. Gambit only managed 2 rounds on the T side, and managed just 4 more on the CT. Giving Heroic a seemingly simple end to the match, taking it, and ESL Pro League Season 13 as a whole, on 16:6.

Some good news came in for Gambit despite their loss and not just the $85,000 runners-up prize. Their player Ax1Le was voted the MVP for the whole Pro League Season 13 tournament.