With the group stages now concluded, we know the final 3 teams who are going into playoffs, and the final 3 going home at this early stage.

Liquid, Gambit & NIP have stamped in their places going forward, in a group where there were no real surprises or upsets. FURIA, Entropiq & TeamOne will be leaving us here, now waiting out back for the bus home. It was even worse news for TeamOne, as they became the fourth and final team to exit the group stage with 0-5 record. However they may take some solace however in the fact that they're in the same company as names such as Evil Geniuses (Group C) and G2 (Group B). With Bad News Bears being the slightly less surprising 0-5 from Group A. 

No teams were able to manage a flawless 5-0 record, with the closest being Gambit who achieved 5-4, after a single loss to NIP on the final day of action earlier today. Liquid would also earlier go on to save NIP from elimination, after taking down FURIA. Should FURIA have got the better of them, they'd have been the third place in Group D over NIP. From 1st to 6th, Group D finished as Gambit, Liquid, NIP, Entropiq, FURIA & TeamOne. However, for FURIA they will hopefully not be too downhearted, after spending the tournament playing with their coach as a stand-in for missing players. 

There's now a pause of a day, before the playoffs will kick off on 7th September. First up will be mousesports vs NIP at 14:00 GMT, and Complexity & Vitality at 17:15 GMT, also set in stone are forZe & ENCE, and then Liquid vs fnatic occurring at the same times the day after, 8th September. Matches going forwards will depend on who wins and who loses, with quarter finals on Thursday & Friday, the two semi-finals on Saturday 9th, and the Grand Final occurring on Sunday this coming weekend.