ESL Gaming together with Intel and DHL, today announced the women’s CS:GO circuit. As part of ESL Gaming’s long-term ambition to create a world where everybody can be somebody, this all-new competitive ecosystem around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), one of the most popular esports titles worldwide, aims to increase awareness, provide new opportunities, and improve the representation for all women CS:GO players.

The initiative is the first step of many in ESL Gaming’s new #GGFORALL program, following the belief that “it’s not GG (Good Game), until it’s GG for all,” and focusing on pushing the boundaries to ultimately make gaming and esports an inclusive, respectful and all-empowering space. This program will include several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to decrease the company’s environmental impact, to aid in establishing an inclusive gaming community free of discrimination, verbal abuse, and bullying, and much more.

Supported by Intel® and DHL, the CS:GO ecosystem for women offers $500,000 across regional leagues, standalone events at DreamHack festivals, and ESL Cash Cups:

  • The leagues feature eight teams in Europe & North America and $150,000 prize pools. The three top teams from both, together with a South American & Asian-Pacific team from an open qualifier, participate in the Global League Finals at DreamHacak Dallas in June 2022, and DreamHack Winter in November 2022.
  • Further to the above, there will be standalone events throughout the year at DreamHack festivals.
  • Starting January 2022, ESL Cash Cups for women's teams will be added to the ESEA, giving teams featuring a full womens roster the opportunity to compete twice a month, for a share of a $4,000 prize pool.

On top of that, ESL Gaming has committed to instituting a women players council that will aid in defining further details around the CS:GO ecosystem for women and that provides women a platform for consolidated feedback towards ESL Gaming and other Tournament Organizers. Moreover, ESL Gaming continues to work towards increasing the representation of women as broadcasting talents as well as within the company. To amplify that, it will introduce a talent development program that provides select aspiring broadcast talents the necessary tactics and tools to become successful and offers opportunities to cast competitions within ESL Gaming’s CS:GO ecosystem. Likewise, the company is opening up additional job opportunities within the company to enhance the new product further.

More announcements will be on the #GGFORALL project by ESL in the coming months, which will be announced on the website.