ESL Gaming, currently the largest esports company globally who also run the DreamHack & Intel sponsored IEM events, recently revealed it's upcoming events and festivals for 2021.

The direction for 2021, understandably, move things towards a studio like setting instead of live audience events. With 'live events' only accounting for 5 of the 17 events.

In the short term, we have the following online events;

  • IEM Katowice starting on 16th February which covers Counter Strike & StarCraft II events until Feb 28th.
  • ESL Pro League Season 13 Playoffs. Which runs from 8th March until 11th April, a Counter Strike event.

Moving towards the future there are also announced, and to be studio events;

  • DreamHack Masters Spring, running from 29th April until 9th May, another Counter Strike event.
  • ESL One Summer, somewhere, likely between April & June, a Dota 2 event. ESL are yet to give exact dates for this event yet.
  • IEM Summer, previously referred to as IEM Melbourne, runs from 3rd - 13th June, a Counter Strike event.
  • ESL Pro League Season 14, running between 8th September & 10th October, a Counter Strike event.
  • IEM Fall, between 14th & 24th October, a Counter Strike event.
  • ESL One Winter, towards Q4 of 2021. Dates are yet to be finalised for this, a Dota 2 event.

Also announced, or reannounced with confirmation of current plans, are the following live events.

  • ESL One Cologne, 6th to 18th July, a Counter Strike event.
  • DreamHack Atlanta, 12th to 14th November, which is a festival.
  • DreamHack Winter, 26th to 28th November, another festival.
  • IEM Winter, 2nd to 12th December, a Counter Strike event.
  • DreamHack Madrid, with dates TBA, a festival.

ESL have promised in the press release, that towards the second quarter of 2021, further announcements will come relating to 4 DreamHack events later in the year. Covering DreamHack Valencia, Montreal, Rotterdam & Hyderabad.

ESL have always made clear that the decision whether live evennts emain an in-person tournament will be reevaluated closer to the competition start date, as the future unfogs and the exact situation with COVID is revealed. With the live events listed above all planned to be live, but exact information will be released closer to the time if they need to make amendments to anything. If you are planning to attend any of the live events, we would suggest not making any firm plans expenditures until the exact picture becomes clear later in the year. 

Stay tuned to GamerGalaxy and we'll bring you all the updates on events as they come in!