After 10 days of battle across 40 matches, forZe are the victors of Domination League - Season 2, with GamerLegion coming second.

The heavily contested tournament which saw fights across 16 different teams, came to its climax yesterday, with forZe winning the Best of 3 Grand Final 2-0 over GamerLegion. At the start, the 16 teams were sorted into one giant group and played matches until each team had either won 3, or lost 3. With the first 8 teams to cross the 3 wins point see themselves through to the playoffs stage, and the other 8 were sent home without a single cent for their efforts, as prize money was only doled out to the top 8. 

In the next stage of the competition, four quarter-finals saw PACT, GamerLegion, MAD Lions & forZe through to semi-finals. All of which went to 2-0 score lines, except PACT against Wisla Krakow, a 2-1 affair. However don't let the 2-0 aplenty scorelines fool you, these matches were nothing short of hard fought, with plenty of amazing clutches, plays and some incredible tactics from these generally lower tier teams for this competition, with only one of these teams, forZe, generally considered a top 20 teams in CSGO by modern listings. In the end, forZe took home the $22,000 prize, with GamerLegion taking home $12,000. MAD Lions & PACT took home $4,000 for their 3-4th places, and the rest of the top 8, Wisla Karkow, Young Ninja, Copenhagen Flames & Izako Boards taking home a not too shabby $2,000.

This tournament provided much-needed experience and publicity for teams generally not looked at as often as other teams that generally rank higher. After all, teams can only get better the more matches they win, and the more prize money they manage to gather to help pay for any needed improvements in multiple ways. As for the victors, forZe will now be looking ahead to ESEA Premier Season 38, due to kick off early in next month, they're also one of the lucky few teams to have already booked a spot in the LAN Sweet LAN finale event by ReLog Media early next year.