The next season of the league will kick off on January 3rd, and continue until 16th January, after which we'll know who gets to go through to the LAN finals later on to be played in February 2022.

The event will expand to 10 teams, rather than 8, and the two extra teams will be Spirit Academy & Eternal Fire Academy. To facilitate the extra 2 teams, the setup of the events will need to change, and instead of being a double-elimination setup, will change to a round-robin group play to start with.

The 10 teams are split into two groups, cleverly named Groups A & B, and are as follows;

Group A

  • NAVI Junior
  • Fnatic Rising
  • BIG Academy
  • Young Ninjas
  • Astralis Talent

Group B

  • mouz NXT
  • VP.Prodigy
  • Spirit Academy
  • FURIA Academy
  • Eternal Fire Academy

All eyes will be on Group B, where mouz NXT lie, who have won the previous two seasons, firstly in a grand final against the Young Ninjas, then against NAVI Junior in Season 2. However, mouz NXT may go through some changes before the event starts, as the main MOUZ team may poach some players from the academy to help bolster up their own team after a relatively disappointing 2021 for them. Will any of the other 4 teams in Group B be able to topple MOUZ before they can even get to the main LAN event later in 2022? Meanwhile, on Group A, we have BIG Academy & the Young Ninjas, who along with mouz NXT have made the LAN finals of both of the previous events, and aren't expected to go through many if any player changes. Can Spirit Academy or Eternal Fire Academy dethrone anyone? 

For the watchers, the event is steamed in both English & Russian on the WePlay Esports official channels, which you can find on Twitch, YouTube, and a Smart TV application. There may be other languages announced later on, on their website here. You can also stay tuned here on GamerGalaxy, and we'll keep you up to date as it happens.