CSGO has received a drastic update, which features a new operation, and premier matchmaking.

The update will likely be no surprise to people, given lots of clues and hints over the past few week, including workshop updates to many maps to prepare compatibility before this launch.

Here's the details, as we understand them at this early point.

The update, which is 2.2GB in size, includes a new operation, named Operation Fang, removes the scrimmage maps Mutiny & Swamp, replacing them with Ancient, Engage & Apollo. Furthermore, the map Frostbite has been added to Danger Zone, the Counter Strike battle royale mode. There's also two new wingman maps, Guard & Elysion.

As the previous operation did, Operation Shattered Web, the new operation comes up with weekly missions, new agents to earn and buy/trade, as well as stickers, weapon collections and patches.

Premier Matchmaking operates using picks and bans for map choices, instead of pre-selecting the map. This is similar to how third party premium servers such as those on FACEIT & ESEA operate. This mode is only available for those that have bought into Operation Fang, however we suspect after the operation it'll be left in, if there was great interest in it, available to all. As has happened with well loved features from previous operations.

Another sure hit will be the ping system, allowing players to quickly ping where they saw an enemy, or where they're intending on moving to. This will hopefully be a great help in matchmaking with individuals without the language skills or perhaps even a microphone to be able to vocally communicate.

The map Cache also got updates, removing what valve termed 'excessive details' as well as giving a smoothed visual experience, which may be yet another attempt at lowering the FPS reductions this map causes over the original Cache map it replaced.

You can read the specifics on the Counter Strike Global Offensive blog.