Nearly a month later, Finest have emerged as the victors of the fourth edition of the Pinnacle Cup! They take home a rather nice $80,000, meanwhile Eternal Fire will hopefully have a confidence boost after a mixed bag of results, including exiting the Challengers Stage of the Major in 12th to 14th position, after finding themselves at the wrong end of MIBR, Spirit & Bad News Eagles, but came 2nd here.

The Grand Final was an exciting best of three, where for periods of time, each team was in front of the other and looking like the likely winner, however at the end of the struggle it was [] that came out on top, only barely. First we went to Overpass, where Finest were roundly kicked in the belly 16-9 by Eternal, only for Eternal to then get roundly kicked themselves on their own map choice of Vertigo. So it was left for Dust2 to be the decider, a map that is notorious for being the 'anything goes' map, that can flip a match right upside down as many times as it wants, and it surely did! After long periods where Eternal were on top, only for Finest to catch up at the end, there was a period where it had gone from a great lead to Eternal Fire five, to an even 14-14. At the last moment, Finest were able to take the win, with a 16-14 on the final map!

Eternal Fire entered Pinnacle Cup IV through the invites, dropping directly into the quarter-finals, and seeing off SKADE & ECSTATIC en-route to the finals. However their opponent, and later champion of the tournament Finest, managed to come through the qualifiers, and reach all the way to the finals, beating out TYLOO who had been directly invited to the competition. So for Finest, not only did they win, but they came in the long way around, as they also saw off the likes of Isurus, Wisla Krakow & ECSTATIC in the qualifying rounds at the early end of the tournament.

Looking ahead, Finest are taking part in the Elisa Invitational Spring currently occurring until mid June, and then ESL Challenger League Season 41 Relegation. Meanwhile, Eternal Fire will make an appearance at ESL Pro League Conference in mid-June,  and immediately before that, REPUBLEAGUE Season 3.