After a month of matches, 32 teams were whittled down to the final 2, where Gambit overpowered HAVU to a 2-1 victory over the course of 3 hours.

Gambit continue their impressive run in 2021, seemingly determined to show their victory at IEM Katowice in February was no fluke event, they now run away with the Pinnacle Cup and another $80,000 worth of prize money.

The Russian team started strong on Train, taking HAVU 16-8, although HAVU was quick to try applying the brakes with a 16-10 win over Gambit on Mirage. However, HAVU was unable to hold back the storm on Overpass, with Gambit taking it in a fairly simple looking 16-8 for the $80,000 prize, with HAVU taking $20,000 for their efforts.

On the route to the finals, HAVU overcame NIP & BIG during the Swiss stages of the tournament, with Gambit being directly invited to the playoff stage compared to HAVU's stage 2 invite.

During the finals, Gambit's sh1ro managed to achieve the highest kills in the match at 71 whilst also having the fewest deaths at 33, with the AWPer showing off his talents in all their glory and hugely helping drive Gambit towards their victory.
With HAVU taking Gambit's pick of Train, and Gambit taking HAVU's map choice in Mirage, it was all to play for in the deciding map of Overpass, although HAVU will be able to celebrate at least one thing, as they managed to ruin the undefeated run Gambit had achieved in 2021 on Mirage, which included winning 10 rounds in a row, really showing the Finns in HAVU clearly had the talent and skills to do serious damage to the Russian side, although doing so seemingly took it all out of HAVU, as they struggled hugely on Overpass.

Gambit will now attempt to take down Astralis in their next match, which is part of ESL Pro League where Gambit are still in line to take the $175,000 prize that the event is offering.