Nordic Masters has announced the groupings, schedule & initial match-ups, and with another invite to BLAST Premier Spring Showdown on the line, Nordic Masters is looking like one of the more fierce fights of the 4 qualifying competitions for that invite.

Taking place over March 26th to the 28th, eight teams will wreak havoc upon each other. Those are MAD Lions, 777, Galaxy Racer, GODSENT, HAVU, ENCE, Dignitas & Singularity. 

MAD Lions go into this event unveiling a new team, so all of us here at Gamer Galaxy hope they've had enough time to do their practicing. Dignitas & GODSENT both have issues with consistency, repeatedly winning matches they were not expected to win, but also losing in quite grand fashion to what on paper were fairly easy wins. Moving to ENCE, they have recently had a huge reversal of fortunes in seeming to come back to the former glory that got them into 2nd place at IEM Katowice 2019, with eyes likely to be on both ENCE & HAVU as the simple bets, going into the event the most consistent and higher ranked of the 8 teams here.

Similar to the Fantasyexpo qualifier we reported on yesterday, the initial matches are all best of one, however we move to best of threes for the semi-finals & grand-final. Here are the initial matches, and the intended order of play, note that all times are GMT/UTC+0.

March 26
1100  - GODSENT vs Galaxy Racer 
1230  - 777 vs HAVU
1400  - Group A Winners' Match 
1530  - Group A Elimination Match 
1700  - Group A Decider Match 

March 27
1100  - Singularity vs Dignitas 
1230  - ENCE vs MAD Lions 
1400  - Group B Winners' Match 
1530  - Group B Elimination Match 
1700  - Group B Decider Match 

March 28
1200  - Semi-final #1 
1500  - Semi-final #2 
1900  - Grand Final 

The winner will get that highly prized invite to the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, and also a check for $25,000 to help them get all the practice they need in before the event, whereas all the other teams will be sent packing, with nothing to show for it at all.