In one of the best Grand Finals of recent memory, it took all five maps in the Best of Five to separate Vitality & Natus, with NAVI coming out of the dirt the victors. In so doing, they also won the Intel Grand Slam season 3 too, becoming the highest-ranked team possible in the current slam series, which means they take home an extra $1,000,000 on top of the $195,000 Pro League prize.

The Grand Final took us all across the maps on offer in CS:GO, with the exception of, perhaps unsurprisingly, Vertigo & Ancient. The six-hour slam of talent started on Dust 2, where Vitality took an early lead before Natus took over and never stopped, ending this one 16-10. Undeterred, Vitality came back to the server and offered a knife thrust straight into Na'Vis back, where they pelted them constantly with nonstop clutches and expert plays, which left their opponent struggling to put anything together and ending the second map 16 to just 6 in Vitality's favor. Next up was Nuke in this tit-for-tat battle, where s1mple proved dominant on the sniper, and B1T just couldn't miss a shot if they tried. For G2, not even the combination of ZywOo & shox managed to fight back against the dominant Natus side and this one fell 16-11. Overpass was next on the horizon, and as you probably worked out from the earlier statement of needing all five maps, this too went to Vitality, as NAVI seemed slightly toned down for this match, giving Vitality a slightly easier looking 16-7 scoreline. It quickly became apparent however why Natus had seemed a little relaxed, they had been saving their energy for the deciding map of the entire tournament, Mirage. Here both teams came alive for the final push to victory, in a map that ended 16-14 to give Natus the final game score of 3:2. The final map was equally fought and saw us require all 30 of the rounds, with each team matching each others score time and again.

With Natus Vincere walking away $1,195,000 heavier in the wallet department, Vitality takes home $80,000 for all their efforts, as well as experience and memories, some of which will, in turn, prove infinitely valuable in the future. Looking ahead, both teams may perhaps meet again, as they're both in BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 starting in 3 days' time. This will be the next large-scale event in Counter-Strike, and will end shortly before IEM Fall, giving us a solid 3 weeks of exciting matches to look forward to in the future.