Natus Vincere have taken the trophy at DreamHack Masters Spring, taking away $100,000 as the grand prize.

Always, the game started with the map vote, with Overpass, Dust 2, Train, Mirage & Inferno being the choices, however due to the quickfire nature of the game, only the first 3 were needed in this best of five match.

The rounds started coming in thick right from the get go for NAVI, as they went 8-0 up before Gambit managed to get on their feet, although the damage was done and NAVI ended Overpass 16-7 as Gambit scraped together just 2 extra rounds.
Following on, and Dust 2 was next. Gambit once again struggled in the start, gaining just 3 rounds on the CT side to Natus Vincere's 12. However Gambit managed to find ground, winning 9 rounds until the map was put to rest by NAVI 16-12.
Finally, we come on to Train where Gambit found their best start of the match, going up a cool 9:6 at the halfway point. Unfortunately what happened all too many times in this match happened once more and Gambit lost their confidence and struggled when Natus Vincere started to run over them, Natus took the map 16:12, the match 3:0, and a bank check for $100,000. However, for all their effort Gambit will also walk away with $42,000.
electronic & s1mple proved too much for Gambit, between them earning 143 kills, s1mple also racked up an enormous 37 fatalities at the hands of his AWP, by far the greater amount of sniper kills in this match.

s1mple has been awarded the MVP trophy for the tournament, which takes his MVP wins for him during his professional career to 13.

The events continue to come in fast, with Flashpoint 3 starting in just a dozen or so hours, then the CIS area EPIC League on the 12th.