After losing their opening match, Natus Vincere made a seemingly easy come back, winning 5 matches in a row, to take the $600K winners prize pot at BLAST Premier Global Finals 2020.

After a tricky start, losing to Liquid 2 - 0, Na'Vi made a flawless return to combat just the day after, having to slog their way back from the lower bracket, and ran all the way to a showdown with #1 Astralis in the finals. Where they took them down with swift style across Nuke & Inferno, 2-0.

The surprising turn about from their initial loss took them first into the arms of Complexity, who Natus Vincere reverse sweeped 2-1 in a thriller that started with an overtime in Complexity's favour, before Na'Vi replied with 2 wins. 

Next into the crosshairs came G2, fresh off their own 2-1 defeat at the hands of Astralis. Who weren't able to put up a sincere defense, allowing Na'Vi to steamroll them for 2-0.

Forward Liquid, again. Natus took pleasure in getting revenge against the team that had brought them into the lower bracket to begin with, with a closely fought 13-16 & 14-16, for a 2-0 scoreline to Na'Vi.

Vitality proved the final hurdle before the final, and provided as you may expect, the closest fought battle up to this point for Natus, the long haul of a conflict took us 17-19, 16-12, 10-16 to finally wrap a 2-1 to Na'Vi.

Which brings us to what we already know, Astralis managed to put up a surprisingly meagre battle and got hammered 2-0 by the competition victors, Natus Vincere!

Also of note at this first major tournament of the new year, s1mple was awarded MVP of the event, after helping Natus Vincere in some of its tightest moments on the path to winning. 

At the lower end of performances, FURIA & Complexity ended in 7th & 8th, both failing to win any matches at all against, for FURIA, Evil Geniuses or Na'Vi, and for Complexity, coming up zero against either Vitality or Na'Vi, both however will still be awarded $15,000 for getting to this contest to begin with.

Coming up later today, we're straight into the next major contest of 2021, cs_summit 7, where Heroic, OG, FURIA, Cloud9, Dignitas, MIBR, FaZe, fnatic, Complexity,, mousesports & NiP will do battle over a $200,000 prize pool last until 31st January.