After a long haul game in which both maps went into overtime, mousesports overpowered ex-Winstrike 2-0 at the third Snow Sweet Snow event.

mousesports, who were invited directly into the quarter-finals along with HAVU, Evil Geniuses & fnatic initially had to outmatch SKADE, which they did in a convincing 2-0 manner across Mirage (19-17) & Nuke (16-6). They then struggled through fnatic across 3 maps, Train, which went to fnatic 12-16, with mouz bringing out the power on Vertigo 16-14) & Mirage (16-6) to outclass them and earn their way into the Grand Final.
The story of ex-Winstrike is a complex one in this tournament, they fought from the start of the tournament, after receiving an invite to the event itself rather than straight into the playoffs, shortly before the tournament started the ex-Winstrike players decided to go it alone and officially all declared themselves separate from Winstrike after the Russian teams' organisation were accused of repeatedly breaching contracts with the team players, and will be known as ex-Winstrike until a new home is found.
Despite that shock announcement, ex-Winstrike got their heads down and got to work, playing the group stage of Snow Sweet Snow 3 where they easily pushed into the top half of the 16 team tables, coming third after playing 4 matches and having a 3-1 win record. ex-Winstrike then in the playoffs made quick work of Sinners, then the tall towers of HAVU & Evil Geniuses to earn their Grand Final spot.

The win will come as a sigh of relief for mousesports, who over the past several months have repeatedly failed to perform, quickly getting the boot at IEM Katowice in 13th-16th position, and getting just 1 win in 5 matches at ESL Pro League, exiting that tournament in a sub 20th position.

ex-Winstrike now has just a day to prepare for their next events, the European Development Championship & FunSpark ULTI 2021 regionals, which both events will see ex-Winstrike do battle in on 9th April. Meanwhile, mousesports have much longer to celebrate, with their next event, DreamHack Masters Spring, not starting until 29th April.