With still matches to play in IEM Fall, we already know who is going to the PGL Major later in the year, given that all teams remaining in IEM Fall, North America region are already either in or out of the major, with Regional Major Ranking (RMR) points either too already high enough or too low to finish even if they get further than already are in IEM Fall.

So here are the 24 teams who are all in with a chance, however small or high you believe it to be, to pocket the largest share of the $2,000,000 event. Ready? Here they are in no particular order: Heroic, GODSENT, Liquid, Natus Vincere, Copenhagen Flames, Movistar Riders, paiN, Spirit, BIG, Astralis, Renegades, Entropiq, Evil Geniuses, G2, NIP, Sharks, FaZe, Vitality, Virtus.pro, ENCE, Gambit, TYLOO, mousesports & FURIA.

Starting on the 26th October until the 29th,  the Major begins with The New Challengers Stage, which will take place in a 16 team swiss format. All matches will be the best of just one, except matches that decide eliminations or advancements, which will be best of 3. Half of the teams are eliminated in this early stage.

Going forwards, a day after the Challengers stage ends, and running until 2nd November, begins the New Legends stage, where the 8 survivors of the previous stage face off against another 8 teams that ranked higher in the RMR points distribution throughout the year. This stage is the same as before, in both match sizes and swiss style progress.

Lastly, the main event, the Champions phase. Here, the top 8 from the Challengers area will go head to head in a single chance elimination bracket, where all matches are best of 3. Here if you mess up, there's no coming back, its straight out the door with you, where the final standing team will be crowned team of teams, at least until the next major, which shallbe in the new year. Prior to the pandemic, the Majors were roughly 6 months between, so twice a year. However, it remains to be known for sure if the schedule of Majors will be kept up going forwards.