After 3 action-packed days, filled with the surprising defeat of big names, we have our IEM Katowice 2021 winner, Gambit!

It took 4 maps in the best of five to get our winner, which of course means 3-1. With starting strong, taking Gambit all the way to 16-14 in the first map, Vertigo. However from there, they just couldn't regain that starting force, Gambit hammering Virtus 16-6 on Dust2, 16-4 on Train, with Virtus putting in a final whimper on Overpass, going to Gambit 16-12.

For Virtus however, it won't all be bad news at the camp tonight, not only do they go home with $180,000 dollars, they also have the memories of taking down many of the big-tier teams many would have doubted earlier on in the tournament. On their path to 2nd place, Virtus took down the might of NIP (2-0), Vitality (2-0), FURIA (2-0), Astralis (2-1) & Liquid (2-0). With just a minor slip at the start on their first match, losing to Natus Vincere (0-2).

For Gambit, they take home not only the trophy, with a fat check for $400,000 also accompanying them back to Russia. Much like Virtus, their path to the finals came with some unexpected victories, and a repeat of Virtus' initial misstep, losing their first match to Evil Geniuses (2-0), only dropping 2 maps in all further combats overcoming mousesports (2-0), Heroic (2-1), G2 (2-0), Natus Vincere (2-0) & Spirit (2-0).

Coming out of this tournament, now has an 81% win rate over the last 3 months, and Gambit an only slightly higher 83% win amount over the same period. Both teams will now be gearing up towards ESL Pro League in just over a week, where they'll need to be careful, as nearly all the teams they walked over will be taking part and possibly looking for some revenge. Gambit will also be taking part in the Pinnacle Cup, starting in just a few short days, on March 3rd.

With that, another Intel Extreme Masters: Katowice comes to a close, and we will be sure to keep you up to date with all upcoming events here on Gamer Galaxy...