After three days of battles, Astralis, BIG, Liquid & Natus Vincere are the final four going into the playoffs, hoping to strike it rich for the $200,000 1st place.

Starting on the 15th December, Natus Vincere, Astralis & BIG won their first matches, against FURIA (2-0), Complexity (2-0) & Vitality (2-1) respectively. The highlight of this day of action easily being Astralis' absolute hammering of Complexity, 16-17 (Dust2) & 16-11 (Overpass).

On to the second day, where victories were abound for BIG, Vitality & Liquid, fighting back Astralis, Complexity & Heroic respectively, where all matches finished on a 2-0 scoreline. With BIG the first to win two matches, they were already through to the playoffs, with Complexity suffering the opposite fate, losing two matches back to back and getting the boot early from the competition. BIG notably only being here due to Chaos' inability to attend, unmistakably proving they may be a last minute addition, but they're here to fight hard.

Continuing to the third day, Liquid vs Natus Vincere played the group B winners' match & FURIA vs Heroic played the opposite. With Heroic being eliminated from the tournament, and Natus Vincere winning group B over Liquid. Sending Liquid crashing into a third match the following day with FURIA, and Na'Vi heading into playoffs.

The final day of group play, today (18th December), saw Liquid hammer down FURIA 2-0 on Overpass (16-14) and a solid 16-3 on Inferno, where FURIA failed to make any meaningful impact. Secondly, Astralis took down Vitality, starting with a battering on Nuke by Vitality 16-2. Unfortunately this is where the train derailed, Astralis taking Dust2 22-19 on a hard fought 2x overtime match. Vitality lost spirit and Astralis breezed through the third map Inferno, 16-5.

Tomorrow (19th December), the two semi final matches will kick off. With Astralis taking on Natus Vincere & Liquid attacking BIG. With both matches being fairly even according to the bookies odds, it's sure to be a day of exciting streaming. So don't forget to tune into your favourite twitch cast!

Whatever happens beyond this point, all four of the playoff teams will get at least $50,000 guaranteed, rising to $100,000 for 2nd, and $200,000 for 1st.