At an event that started with upsets at many of the early matches, G2 & Gambit eventually came out on top to both qualify for the main BLAST Premier Spring Finals, the $425,000 prize pool event set to occur in mid-June.

On the first day of the event, we had such surprise results as OG, who were put at the lowest seed in the tournament last minute due to a change in roster, take down Astralis in a confident 2-0 affair, with Liquid coming across a similar fate at the hands of Dignitas. Both of those results will of course add to already awkward questions around the future of the current rosters of both Liquid & Astralis, which have both underperformed for the most part of 2021 so far. Two days later, Vitality suffered a defeat at the hands of 9z in a 2-1 affair, Vitality being another team that has been performing poorly in the year so far.

Moving away from them though, and on to the top teams of the event. G2 swiftly took down Endpoint on a 2-0 game across Inferno & Dust2, then seeing down OG 2-1 on Nuke, Inferno & Dust2. Where OG really took G2 to the limits, taking a 2x overtime on the first map of Nuke before G2 pulled a win, then destroying G2 in a shocking 16-3 on Dust2. Finally, G2 had to overcome Spirit to book their ticket to BLAST Premier Spring Finals. Praise must be heaped upon NiKo & huNter-, who came top 2 in their teams' performances in all of those matches, surely making sure G2 managed to take one of the final spots.

The second top of the tournament, Gambit, had a somewhat simpler path to victory, where they took down NASR 2-0 across Dust2 & Vertigo in a match where NASR only won 10 rounds to Gambits' 32 across both maps. They then toppled FURIA 2-1 across Mirage, Overpass & Train, where FURIA rarely managed to take advantage of slips & falls by Gambit. Lastly, Heroic was to be the final potential stumbling block to Gambit, Gambit easily stole away Inferno, the map pick of Heroic, which lulled spectators into a sense of a quick game, however, Heroic retaliated by stealing Vertigo from Gambit. Which left the deciding map of Train, where Heroic & Gambit threw all they had at each other, until Gambit crossed the 16 rounds picks slightly ahead of Heroic's 12, to take a 2-1 victory.

Both G2 & Heroic take away $30,000 and an invite to the Spring Final, where Natus Vincere, Complexity, NIP, BIG, Evil Geniuses & FaZe will be waiting all thirsty for a victory and a share of the $425,000 prize pool. In the run-up to that main event in the BLAST calendar, plenty of experience can be gained for nearly all of the competition teams, with DreamHack Masters, FunSpark ULTI & Flashpoint 3 to name a few, all occurring before the BLAST Spring Final is due to start.