The new organisation, Extra Salt, has snapped up the former Cloud9 team, including oSee who was still under contract with Cloud9.

Confirmed via a post on their twitter, ex-Cloud9 quartet, Johnny "JT" Theodosiou, Ian "motm" Hardy, Josh "oSee" Ohm & Aran "Sonic" Groesbeek will now fly the flag for Extra Salt. With the coach being Tiaan "T.c" Coertzen. This means they'll be on the look out for that key fifth player going into 2021.

Extra Salt are a new organisation, with this being their first venture into the Counter Strike esports world. Extra Salt founder Daniel van Flymen in an interview stated they had been Counter Strike fans for a large period of time, and after 20 years of following the franchise were eager for the opportunity to own their own team in the CSGO scene.

In a time where North American Counter Strike is constantly being doubted and called out by even players themselves as 'dead', Extra Salt founder & CEO Daniel suggested there was a 'vacuum' in the region to take advantage of, suggesting there is a large amount of available talent and players in the region, untapped by the slump in North American content and tournaments as of late. He went on to state that their hope was to craft the 'underdog lineup, that will eventually go to Europe and take on the European teams.'

The now Extra Salt roster has gone on quite a journey in 2020, starting off as the team 'ATK', before being bought out by Cloud9 in early January. Unfortunately they were unable to bring home the big wins, rarely topping out over #20 rank on the HLTV listings. However, JT, motm, Sonic & T.c had their contracts terminated by Cloud9 in October, after breaching COVID-19 regulations, with reports suggesting they were repeatedly bringing people back to the club house, in breach of local restrictions at the time. oSee was uninvolved in the breaches, and Cloud9 kept them in contract, until Extra Salt came and bought oSee out of contract, and took on the terminated players just a few days ago.