ESL, formerly known as the Electronic Sports League, has announced plans to try to revitalise the NA scene in CSGO esports.

2020 has been a tough time for esports of all kinds across the globe, however for North America, which was already crashing at an alarming rate in 2019 it has been even tougher. A lot of players made the switch to VALORANT over the year, a lot of these were from disillusioned former North American players. Some teams based in that region have disbanded, or announced plans to disband before 2021 sees the light of day.

ESL senior vice president, Ulrich Schulze, announced today (Thursday 10th Dec), that they are looking at restructuring the routes to the ESL Pro League from the currently named Mountain Dew League (MDL) below it. Ulrich admits that ESL in part contributed to the suffering the NA side has had, stopped short of saying it was entirely down to ESL. Blaming COVID, and the split prize pools and divisions this caused after teams were unable to fly around the globe to do finals or tournaments together to earn the needed points to enter certain leagues. Also on the cards, is looking to have a stronger focus on prize money goals and making sure in the future, North American scene is not left across the Atlantic ocean without clear paths and involvement from teams across the globe and give plenty of opportunities to progress to competitions based in Europe.

Mr. Schulze reports that ESL has had brain storming sessions, coming up with numerous ideas and efforts to improve the NA scene, which was described by Evil Geniuses star player 'Tarik' as "officially dead" in a tweet that even looks to the Europe (EU) scene for help. Indeed, by ESL's own rankings, of the current top 10, none of them are North America based, with the nearest being FURIA, a Brazilian team, currently placed 5th.

Ulrich promises to release further information in the coming days, so stay tuned to GamerGalaxy, and Ulrich's own twitter, linked below for more information as it is released outwards.

You can read ESL's vice president tweet & replies here.