Earlier in the week, Entropiq announced they'd signed on the dotted line and had acquired the team formerly known as EPG Family, themselves formerly of Winstrike.

EPG family were formed when the team broke away from the team Winstrike, after a breakdown of contracts with the organization that runs Winstrike, claiming repeated breaches of contract made the signing untenable, before reforming as EPG Family.Entropiq , much like Winstrike, are a CIS region team, so it makes sense they'll be put against the CIS legends that are currently dominating the Counter-Strike esports scene.
They are currently competing in the 16 team EPIC League CIS 2021 currently, along with huge CIS names including Spirit, forZe, Virtus.pro, Gambit and of course, Natus Vincere. Entropiq are currently just 4 of the 16 teams that currently hold a 2-0 record, so far not dropping a match.Firstly, Entropiq took down 100PG, across a simple best of three visiting Dust2 & Overpass, where Entropiq won 2-0. However, the match that surprised all was to come next, in another best of 3 match with Natus Vincere. After the map vote, the maps decided were Nuke, Overpass & Train. However the domination started soon, with Entropiq savagely taking Natus for a ride in the first half, ending 4:11 to Entropiq by half-time. After switching to the T side, Entropiq was only slightly slowed down by a CT-sided NAVI, allowing them just 4 more rounds to their own 5, ending Nuke 16:8, and the match was surely on fire already. Now on to Overpass, where Natus tried with all their might to remind Entropiq who the top 5 team was in this fight, only to be put down at every opportunity. Overpass was a much longer affair, even going to overtime, however, Entropiq just repeatedly managed to shut down Natus's advances, and after back and forth during the entire match, Entropiq managed to sneak ahead and win 19:17, taking the unexpected 2:0 win over Natus Vincere.From here on out, Entropiq have thrown down the gauntlet and showed that, Winstrike may have been a team that frequently missed targets, but now they're with a new banner and the support of a whole new organization they are here to show all what they can do and try to carve out their own name in the CIS scene.

Entropiq will next face Spirit, tomorrow at 17:00 UTC, where the bookies are currently favoring Spirit, however as they proved with Natus Vincere already, anything is possible!