With the end of the closed qualifiers, we now have an extra 4 teams attending the full DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 event starting at the end of April.

Those teams are Complexity, Heroic & VOYVODA from the European qualifier, with Extra Salt joining from the North American side.

Extra Salt came through the qualifiers undefeated increasing their current win streak to 15 matches in a row, with a win rate of 90% over the last 3 months. In Europe, the top 3 teams got a place in the event, VOYVODA came 3rd, Heroic 2nd, and Complexity 1st. 

VOYVODA managed to shock both OG and Cloud9 on their route to third, the mostly unknown Bulgarian team seemingly came out of nowhere to take them both down in matches that went to 2-1. Heroic took down Cloud9 and VOYVODA in the latters only loss in the qualifiers. Complexity took down Movistar Riders despite a valiant fight-back attempt by the Riders, Complexity then saw down OG, stunning them into a 2-0 defeat, where Complexity won 32 rounds to OGs just 8 in one of the most one-sided matches of the year so far. 

The team list so far for the DreamHack Masters Spring event also includes Spirit & paiN, who earned their place during DreamHack Open January 2021, with 10 more teams to be invited and join them at the event later in the year. The six teams now have a long period of time to go through replays and demos to learn their likely opponents strengths and weaknesses, with the main event due to start on the 29th April. In the meantime, Heroic & Complexity will get some extra practice in, as they're taking part in Pro League which started today. One of the early matches see OG take on Complexity once again, no doubt hoping to get a clapback to their one sided defeat seen in these DreamHack qualifiers.