DreamHack has revealed the invites to the DreamHack Masters Spring Closed Qualifier, for both the Europe & North America regions.

In total 6 invites have been revealed, 4 for the Europe region and a further 2 for the North American region. For Europe, Complexity, Heroic, OG & Cloud9 have been invited, with Extra Salt & Bad News Bears joining the bracket for North America. 

The 6 invites will now join 6 further teams who get through the open qualifiers. The top 4 from qualifiers in Europe go through, with the top 2 from North America go through too. In Europe's qualifiers, Nordavind, GROND, Lyngby Vikings, VOYVODA & Sinners are fighting for those places, the American qualifiers will kick off within the next day or so, with teams yet to be announced for these areas, with DreamHack keeping them seemingly under wraps until the last moment.

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 will have a total of $250,000 in the prize pool when the main event kicks off in late April. When that starts, 16 teams will have earned their place there, where 12 teams will get a direct invite, and 4 will get to the Masters Spring through these qualification matches which, for Europe, started today, with North America expected to also start within the next few days.

Last year the large prize was won by BIG in Europe, followed by G2 & FaZe. Meanwhile, in North America's event, the previous tournament was won by GODSENT, followed by Team Spirit & forZe. This year, an equivalent will not be held in the Asia & Oceania regions, unlike in 2020. 

The open qualifiers for 2021 are due to complete before March 6th, when the closed qualifiers for both regions start and then end the day after. They'll then have about 6 weeks before the Spring event makes its climax event, leaving teams plenty of time to boot camp before then, with many of them also playing other events in the run-up, including the coveted ESL Pro League Season 13.