DreamHack has announced which teams are sorted into which groups and the initial matches, for the $100,000 top prize the event has on offer. The event will start on April 29th, and run until May 9th.

Split into two groups, A & B, group A is looking like a CIS warzone, with all four of the competitions CIS teams sorted into it. This means that the CIS teams of Spirit, Virtus.pro, Gambit & Natus Vincere will be squaring off against Fiend, FaZe, mousesports, plus G2. Meanwhile, in Group B, we have the powerhouses of Astralis, Vitality & Heroic taking on FURIA, Complexity, BIG, paiN & Extra Salt. The initial first match for each team in the group stage is merely a best of 1, where teams need to be on the ball from the start if they hope to not need to go through the lower brackets and claw their way back to the runnings.

Six teams will move on from groups and enter the playoffs, where single-elimination matches mean that even the smallest of slip-ups will cost a team a higher-ranking placement, those who entered from the upper bracket go directly to the semi finals, the remaining four will need to start earlier in the playoffs, at the round of six.

The initial matches are as follows, and all of the below occur on the 29th April, through the beauty of short best of 1s;

Group A:

Gambit vs Fiend

Spirit vs G2

Natus Vincere vs mousesports

FaZe vs Virtus.pro

Group B;

Astralis vs Extra Salt

Complexity vs Vitality


paiN vs Heroic

DreamHack's twitter made a post viewable here about the event, which lays down the initial matches and the dates & times of future matches as the tournament progresses through the stages over the several days of the event.