As the event ends, are the winneres of the cs_summit 7 tournament, having finished their win streak with their third consecutive victory at events.

Taking down the other finalist, Fnatic, they grab hold of the $100,000 winners prize. are now on an 8 match win streak, winning 80% of their matches over the last few month. They took down Ninjas In Pyjamas, FURIA, Ninjas In Pyjamas a second time, mousesports & fnatic throughout the course of this tournament, dropping not a single map to their opponents. 

The quintet ruled the tournament, making it to winners without losing a single round, ending all matches on 2-0 for a flawless unbeaten streak in the tournament.

In the final, fnatic proved only a slight inconvenience to's winning streak, across Inferno & Vertigo and with scorelines of 16-14, 16-8 respectively. Let's get into more details;

Inferno started off as a possible stumbling point for Virtus, where the match got to the half-way team switch point 8-7 to Virtus, Fnatic matching them to that point. On the CT side, Virtus found easy and continual control over banana, forcing fnatic to either punch through the strong defense, or continually go to A site instead. Matching each other in differing areas, the map ended 16-14.

However, on the next map, Vertigo, fnatic started strong, once again matching Virtus round for round on the T side, however what whatever reason, they couldn't hold it together after team swap, winning just a single round on the CT side, as the T's continually pushed in their quest to blow up the Vertigo tower.

In more good news for Virtus, their player 'Jame', was awarded the MVP of the cs_summit 7 competition!

Virtus now have a few weeks of calm, before they take on Wisla Krakow, Renegades, MIBR, NIP, Spirit, Movistar Riders, Cloud 9, TeamOne, BIG, Liquid, Gambit, fnatic, mousesports, Complexity & OG for their place at the coveted Intel Extreme Masters: Katowice event. However, with Virtus having taken down several of those teams already in this cs_summit 7 event, they will be going into that with confidence, with 8 of those teams going forward to Katowice.