After a fierce 10 days, the 3 groups have concluded with BIG, Natus Vincere & Complexity coming out on top of their relevant groups.

After the players are left to lick their wounds, or go off into the night and celebrate, we now know which teams have qualfiied for which future events on the BLAST circuit.

Natus Vincere, BIG, Complexity, FaZe, Evil Geniuses & NIP have qualified for the Spring Finals of BLAST later in the year, whereas G2, MIBR, Vitality, OG, and perhaps surprisingly Liquid & Astralis will need to go through the Spring Showdown, also later in the year.

On the varying paths to victory, we'll start with BIG, who overcame OG, Astralis & NIP 2-0, after an early 0-2 loss also to NIP. Meanwhile Complexity won three in a row, dropping not a single map to ease 2-0 over Vitality, G2 & Evil Geniuses. Before finally Natus Vincere also cruised to the standings with 3 wins, 2-1 against MIBR & FaZe, with FaZe losing their revenge match 2-0 to Na'Vi in the final match of Group C.

Probably the best highlight of the series was Boombl4 for Natus, delivering a crushing final blow over FaZe and jumping down from heaven on Nuke, taking down olofmeister being quickly smoking the planted bomb, and defusing it from within the smoke, whilst rain & Twistzz for FaZe desperately tried to shoot blind into the smoke to stop the defuse, only for it to be defused and for Boombl4 to take the 2-0 win over FaZe to win Group C. At the end of this tournament, Natus Vincere are now riding high with an 8 win streak, acrosss this and the previous tournament of BLAST Premier Global Finals 2020.

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 will take place on 13th to 18th April, with the main event, Spring Finals 2021 occuring a further 2 month after, on June 15th to 20th, and with a joint prize pool of .$587,500, split $162,500 for the showdown, and the finals having $425,000.

Stay tuned to Gamer Galaxy, where we'll be bringing those events as they happen!