Another three battles later, another 3 going home. Today we had mousesports vs GODSENT, FaZe vs MIBR & Coud9 vs NiP.

Todays first match started with Mousesports vs GODSENT

With clutch masters frozen & ropz on form, GODSENT were unable to find their footing, with a fairly simple 2-0 win for mousesports.

Starting on the map Inferno, mousesports led with a strong 10-2 start, before GODSENT managed to hold on and claim another 3 on their T side before the team swap. GODSENT were unable to improve on the switch to the CTs, claiming just 1 round before Mouse bulldozed for 16-6 win. We switched to Train for the next one, where once again GODSENT were unable to deliver as a team, missing out 16-8. Mousesports will now go on to face either Endpoint or Heroic in the quarterfinals.

Our second match Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) vs Cloud9

The new look Cloud9 were on form to snatch a 2-0 victory, with C9s trio of floppy, es3tag & woxic looking like a killer mixture for Cloud9, between them nearly netting over 150 kills, with es3tag coming out over 100 ADR throughout the two matches. Starting on Nuke, NiP struggled to deliver on the CT side, managing to hold onto 5 to Cloud9's 10. It was too little too late when NiP found footing on the first map with Cloud9 pulling in 16-12 in total. Our second map, Vertigo, looked promising for NiP but the still on form Cloud9 just managed 16-14 for a close what turned to be the final map of the match. Cloud9 face yesterdays winners Complexity for a spot on the semi-finals on Saturday.

Now onto the third match, FaZe vs MIBR

Starting on Nuke, things looked promising for both teams, with this map by far being the closest fought fight on day 2. After a back and forth struggle, which went to double over time, MIBR managed to pluck the victory from FaZe, going 22-20 in MIBR's favor, with thanks from coldzera and his several clutches of the match. On to Dust2 however, and the wheels fell off from Faze's wagon, losing 11-16 after a poor performance on the counter-terrorist side. Unable to recover after the side swap, MIBR needed just 6 more which they duly picked up with FaZe also taking 6, for a 16-11 win to MIBR. They'll now face either Liquid or MAD Lions in the quarterfinals on Friday, in what should be another fierce fight for MIBR.

Tomorrow, day 3 of BLAST Premier Fall continues with 2 more fights, MAD Lions vs Liquid & Heroic vs Endpoint, after that, the round of 16 will be over, and it'll be on to the quarterfinals starting on Friday.