The first day of BLAST Premier Fall is behind us, three winners, and three early exits. Let's break it down!

Our first match of the day, Complexity vs Sprout.

Sprout were just not able to show up to this match, and were beaten by a landslide of 2-0 across Nuke & Mirage, both matches went to just 16-4 before Complexity wrapped them up. BlameF & k0nfig both came through with over 100 average damage per round (ADR), whereas the highest of Sprout, Spiidi, pulled just 74.2 ADR. This will set up Complexity for a quarter-final against either NiP or Cloud9 on Saturday.

For our second match of the day, we head over to Spirit vs,

Spirit started out strong, but perhaps lost their spirit somewhat when came back from 1-0 down to pull off two convincing maps in a row for a 2-1 victory. Spirit had a convincing 16-9 win on their opponents map choice of Mirage, before reverse sweeped Train & Inferno 16-10 & 16-8. With V.P's qikert grabbing the ADR crown for their team this match with 79.8. This will set up with the winner of our next match below...

Our third and final match today, an exciting and close FURIA vs Isurus.

Straight off the mark, Isurus showed they were going to start on form, despite being such a low ranked team compared, winning the first map, and their map pick, Overpass a staggering 16-5. Despite this convincing first pick win, Isurus just couldn't bring their singular talent together as a team for FURIA's pick of Mirage, losing 16-4. At 1-1, with both teams winning their picks convincing, we headed into Inferno. Both teams shone for a final score of 16-14 in FURIA's favor, producing a scare for FURIA at the final moments. Both teams has shining players, with HEN1 delivering the most average damage for FURIA and JonY BoY the most for Isurus. yuurih came through with a huge 63 kills delivered, making head clicking look like a sport for himself! FURIA will now see off another winner from today, in the quarter-finals.

A fan favourite map, Mirage, was chosen for all three of todays matches, so we can guarantee spectators picked up some new strategies to try out, and improve the game for us all!

Isurus, Sprout & Spirit may be going home early, but they'll still leave with $3,750 each just for managing to get into the tournament.

Tomorrow for day 2, we'll be bringing you the results from showdowns with FaZe vs MIBR, mousesports vs GODSENT and NiP vs Cloud9!