After just 4 days, the Americas RMR has come to completion. MIBR, FURIA, Imperial, Liquid, Complexity and lastly 9z are through to the Major, with FURIA heading straight to Legends, and the rest will be in the Challengers Stage beforehand.

For MIBR & FURIA, it was a straight dash to the finishing line, where they were both the only teams to get a 3-0 record, landing them both in a tiebreaker for first place, the winner would be catapulted into the Legends Stage, the loser to the Challengers stage. FURIA won this with ease, in a 16-9 & 16-4 set of maps. Next up was Imperial, Complexity & Liquid, who got a 3-1 record, then the last team to qualify by narrow margins was 9z, going 3-2 after a last-minute win over paiN. 

For some teams however, there will be nothing but disappointment on tonights menu. Party Astronauts came so close but fell to Imperial then later Evil Geniuses, meanwhile for Bad News Bears & Evil Geniuses, it was yet another example of poor performances they've had far too many of in recent memory, with Evil Geniuses especially left reeling after coming in a sub 20th position at Pro League, and then being out of the top 10 at BLAST Premier Spring Groups, now only to be evicted from the Major running, the new-look team since the winter break is still yet to do anything too huge in the upset scales. Hopefully, all of the teams out of the running from the Americas RMR will be back in 6 months, for the run up to 2022s second Major of the year.

Next up is the Asia RMR, which will run until Saturday 16th April, where there are 2 Challengers stage invites waiting, to be followed by the two Europe RMRs, sorted into the cleverly named A & B side. Both Europe RMRs have a total of 8 slots available to well performing teams, 4 challengers, and 3 legends in each. The European RMRs will run from the 17th until 24th of April.

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