In spectacular fashion, Copenhagen Flames take the Malta Vibes Knockout, 4th Series crown. On the path to victory, the didn't drop a single map, although ECSTATIC in the Grand Final came the closest to making them cough up a map.

After a short trip across Nuke & Inferno, the Flames managed to take down ECSTATIC and sign their own check for $24,000. With 'roeJ' knocking out 54 kills to 37 deaths, he was pivotal in many of the rounds that brought them to the finish line, and with the rest of his team always behind him at every twist and turn it was a well deserved and quick victory. On the first map, Nuke, ECSTATIC were so close to knocking away the 'no maps lost' crown, after taking the map to overtime, however in the end the steam ran out, and Copenhagen Flames took it 19-17. Next up was Inferno, and the earlier loss seemed to weigh heavy on the heads, and hearts of the ECSTATIC crew, where they managed a paltry 8 to the Flames 16. Although for their efforts, ECSTATIC also takes home $8,000 which I am sure will help ease any disappointments. The Flames took down some big names in their tier of Counter Strike en route to victory, having brushed aside Dignitas & MAD Lions prior to the Grand Final, all in that 2-0 loss-free fashion. ECSTATIC on the other hand took down probably the most feared skill nurturing team in MOUZ NXT on their own little path to the finals.

Looking forwards, Copenhagen Flames are currently taking part in the ongoing ESEA Premier Season 39, and ECSTATIC will take on teams including Sprout, DBLN PONEY and forZe in ESL Challenger Anaheim which kicks off in a few days time. They, ECSTATIC, are also confirmed for the ReLog Media finale LAN Sweet LAN in April of next year.