With groups A & B now over, it's a good time to recap the progress so far of the 8 teams that have already had their matches come and go.

Group A featured Vitality, Astralis, Evil Geniuses & Liquid, with Astralis vs Evil Geniuses being the starting match. Despite Evil Geniuses putting up a greater fight than most likely expected after their poor performances as of late, Astralis took the match relatively stress-free, going 16:11, 16:10 for a 2:0 match. Vitality went up against Liquid later in the day, which was a tough one for both sides, before Vitality took the ball and ran with it for 16:6, 8:16 & 16:11, 2-1 in their favor. This gave us a lower branch match between Evil Geniuses & Liquid, where Liquid fought hard for another 2-0 loss for the Geniuses. Later on, Astralis lost against a heavy-hitting ZywOo and shox on the side of Vitality, a match which also went 2-0. This of course sets up the Group Final for Group A, a grudge match against Astralis & Vitality. Once again, the match was hard fought with another 2:1 scoreline, and another win for... Vitality! This means for Group A, Vitality & Astralis go to the Fall Finals, whilst Evil Geniuses and Liquid drip down to the Fall Showdown.

A few days later, Group B woke up and chose violence. G2 & MIBR were the first to shoot it out, where, as many predicted, MIBR were outmatched on nearly all aspects, losing 16-11, 16-7, and another 2-0 scoreline was created. BIG & NIP also decided the best way was a quick way, for another match going 2-0 the way of NIP, with BIG struggling to outmatch the force of REZ, who amassed 55 kills across the 2 maps, where the best for BIG was tabseN with a mere 29 comparatively. Next up was the lower bracket match of MIBR & BIG, where MIBR were once again left scratching their heads as tactic after tactic failed to work and move the mountain of BIG, going for another quick match of 16-4, 16-9, and another 2-0 score, which is become quite the common occurrence! Next up, the upper final between NIP & G2. In our first 2:1 match of Group B, after fierce battles and a tit-for-tat struggle in map 2, NIP took down G2 after 7:16, 16:14, 16:9. In the lower tier, G2 & BIG now faced off for the prized spot in the Group Final, which also brought us our first & only overtime match for Group B, here BIG managed to tear down G2's defenses, although they certainly worked hard for it. In the Group Final, NIP & BIG locked horns in what is perhaps the most thrilling match to watch of the tournament so far, and with 14:16, 16:13 & 16:5. NIP came out on top,  and certainly worked hard in the first few maps, before BIGs engine ran out of fuel towards the end. This means that NIP BIG go through to the Fall Finals directly, and G2 & MIBR go to the Fall Showdown to try and earn a place one final time.

There's now a day of rest, before Group C get into action, kicking off with Natus Vincere vs OG, Friday at 14:30 UTC.