With the first round of BLAST Fall Showdown complete, the round of 16, most of the matches fell in the manner you'd expect, however two big names are sitting at the sidelines at this early stage, already out of the running for those two tickets to BLAST Premier Fall Final later in the year.

Movistar Riders & Evil Geniuses suffered defeats, to Virtus.pro & MAD Lions respectively, and in this single elimination bracket, that means they've already been booted out. Both of those matches were relatively short affairs that ended 2-0. Starting with Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders, we started on Vertigo where the gunning was almost equal, although Virtus managed to sneak out a 16:14 after a load of back and forth. Next up on Mirage, Movistar were essentially steamrolled, failing to put together even fairly simple tactics without having them overrun or result in a total farcical show, ending 16-8. Meanwhile, MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses saw Nuke & Dust2 decide Evil's fate. Both maps were relatively close, however MAD Lions repeatedly saw through well planned out traps and won a few too many clutches to secure their 2-0, after the maps went 16:13 & 16:12 for the 2-0 win for MAD Lions.

In other matches, Heroic saw down POGGERZ 2-0, Dignitas managed to down Fiend, also in 2-0 fashion. Complexity & MIBR proved a struggle, although Complexity overcame the challenge in a thrilling to watch 2-1 match. G2 were able to push past an initial scare situation provided by Lynn Vision, as they were able to took the first map of Vertigo in a close 16-14, although G2 managed to push aside any doubts and win the following maps, Inferno & Nuke, in convincing 16:10 & 16:8s. Lastly, both Liquid vs 9z & OG vs paiN also ended in 2:0 manners in favor of, perhaps surprisingly, Liquid & OG.

Premier Fall Showdown continues with the Quarter Finals, where Heroic face off Dignitas, OG will run into Complexity, Liquid will attempt to control the tide with Virtus.pro, and MAD Lions will try to roar through G2.