The Paris Legion had a collapse in the first map of their Call of Duty, and it seemed that this match would add on to their fifth straight loss against the Los Angeles Thieves on June 4th, 2021. But Paris moved with a rapid succession on the three straight maps to close things out. This helped them beat Los Angeles 3-1 for their first victory in Stage Four group play.


Paris almost collapsed for the second time after they built a 2-0 lead on Garrison Control. But in the fifth round, the game is tied at 2-2, the Paris Legion took an offensive win to secure their first respawn win in their last 13 attempts. Pairs accelerated in the close-out game, Apocalypse Hardpoint. This led to confirmation on their first win since the end of Stage Three group play.

Aqua led the game for the Legion with a 1.23 K/D in the series. This includes a 1.38 K/D in the crucial game three. Scorestreaks were great and huge in games three and four for the Paris Legion. This allowed them to close out both games in a convincing manner. In Search and Destroy, Paris stays undefeated with the team’s newest member Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla. Before joining Paris Legion, Zaptius was in LDN Royal Ravens. It seems like they could be a tough out if their respawn gameplay manages to be consistent with their matches against Los Angeles. 

Concerning Los Angeles, this is the second game wherein they lost the match with TJHaLy back in the starting line-up after being replaced by Huke before the start of Stage Four. Although it certainly seems like it's too early for a roster change. But Los Angeles, who needed five games to beat the last-place Seattle surge, did not have a rosy start in the group play. Kenny was the only player to post positive K/D in this series with a 1.07.


There is a tough road ahead for Los Angeles. They will be back in action on June 6th, 2021, 3: 30 PM CT, against Atlanta Faze.