The Los Angeles Thieves have made a new addition to its roster by adding former Dallas Empire player Huke. TJHaLy is being replaced by Huke and has been moved to the Thieves’ bench.

Huke formerly was present in the Dallas roster. But surprisingly was replaced by FeLo. This was a big disappointment to fans. Dallas felt that this was because Huke was “holding back” progress for the team and decided to improvise the team’s performance by having him moved to the bench. Due to this decision, many COD fans were disappointed. But now, Huke has found a new home with the Los Angeles Thieves.

Huke’s addition to the roster is a plus point for the L.A. Thieves. TJHaLy will be moved to the bench. TJ is one of the most original members of the L.A. Thieves roster. He has played OpTic Gaming Los Angeles in the last year for the inaugural Call of Duty League season. He has a good set of experience when it comes to competitive games and played for organizations like Rise Nation, Team Kaliber, and Elevate.

The L.A. Thieves had difficulty in maintaining points during the 2021 season. But now they seem to show a lot of improvised performance. In Paris Legion Home Series, they defeated OpTic Chicago. This was the first loss for OpTic in Stage Three. L.A. Thieves are in 3-1 and first place in Group B of Stage three despite the loss against the Atlanta FaZe.   

L.A. had replaced Temp with Venom in its roster in March. They had benched SlasheR and picked Drazah in April. And in May, the roster has a new change by adding Huke to it and benching TJHaLy. The L.A Thieves are in sixth place with 12-9 records in the CDL standings. They have maintained their spot but concerning CDL points, they are behind New York and Chicago.

On 8th May at 3:30 PM CT, Huke made his debut with the L.A. Thieves against the New York Subliners.