TSM has officially recruited Sean "Bang" Bezerra to its VALORANT roster, filling the final free position on the organization's five-man team, only days before the NA VCT Stage Three: Challengers One open qualifier begins. TSM had been seen practicing with Bang prior to this announcement, but the rumors of an acquisition have now been proven.

Bang steps into the void left by Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, who was demoted to the bench following TSM's elimination from VCT Stage Two in early May 2021. While it appeared that sixth-man Braxton "brax" Pierce would be promoted to the starting lineup, the two eventually split ways, and brax returned to the T1 organisation. After two dismal showings by TSM in the first two NA stages of VCT, the decision to bench Cutler and bring in coach Chet was made.

TSM coach Chet discussed why Bang was a better match for the current team than brax in a lengthy video statement. Chet said that the team needed someone who was more assertive. Someone in their twenties. He further told that Bang seemed like the perfect fit, not only because he's a free agent, but also because he talks a lot, works hard, and has new ideas. Not that Brax is a horrible player; he just wasn't a good fit for our roles.

In the video, the squad showed their enthusiasm for Bang, as well as their admiration for Chet's blunt, "confrontational" coaching style.

Bang has played for Phoenix1, Team Serenity, and On The Way Esports in the past. He's played Astra, Omen, Phoenix, and Raze mostly during his time with these organizations, switching between duelist and controller roles. Bang may not have the same significant competitive background in other titles as his teammates, but he brings a wealth of talent, energy, and raw aiming skill to the TSM camp.

Updated TSM roster includes:

  •  James "hazed" Cobb
  •  Matthew "Wardell" Yu
  • Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik
  • Taylor "drone" Johnson
  • Sean “Bang” Bezerra

Beginning July 1st, 2021, the redesigned TSM lineup will compete in the NA VCT Stage Three: Challengers One open qualifier. Barring any upsets, they might face 100 Thieves in the fourth round, with a spot in the main event on the line.