Our final matches for the quarterfinals bracket has come to a conclusion. Let's take a look at the results.

X10C vs Gambit

Our first map, Fracture, won by Gambit 13-7, was a pretty hard fought battle betwen X10 Crit and Gambit. Gambit pulled ahead early on. After multiple strategic time-outs by X10C, the tides began to show a change of favor in X10's favor, only for Gambit to counter just as well, exhausting X10C of their economy. This lead to an absolute domination for the final match point by Gambit to take the win for this map.

Our second map, Ascent resulted in a win 13-7 of X10Cs favor. The map was favored to be won by Gambit but X10C took strong command. Gambit clutch by nAts on round 4 helped turn the tides early on, but X10C hung in there. This match was quickly overpowered by several streaks from X10C to give them a much needed win to stay in this game.

Our third map, Breeze, resulted in a 13-7 obliteration from Gambit, placing them in the semifinals. KRU gave an okay effort, but Gambit simply outmatched them on this map.

KRÜ vs fnatic

Our first map was a tight race to getting enough points with a very tight 13-15 win for KRU's advantage. KRU really held advantage though, throughout most of this map. fnatic would come back with some counters but the map was mostly in KRU's favor.

The next map was a complete domination by fnatic in a 13-6 defeat on KRU, extending today's encounter to another map. fnatic pulled all the right stops on KRU. Despite a couple strategic time-outs from KRU, which resulted in a couple of wins each time, fnatic managed to clinch a victory to take us to the next map.

Our final map was Split that KRU won fairly easily 13-8. While fnatic managed to answer back every so often with a win of their own, KRU showed better composure during heated moments.

This means KRU moves on to the semifinals to head off against Gambit.

The conclusion of these matches marks an end to the quarterfinals for the VALORANT Champions Tournament in Berlin 2021. We get a day off for December 10, but we're back on for the semifinals on December 11th. Stay tuned to see the results of these match-ups!