Despite a disappointing 2020 season, the Washington Justice has remained a popular option among Overwatch League fans.

Going into the 2021 season, Washington clearly built on that performance. The majority of the team's players were let go in favour of more talented players pulled from other league rosters.



  • Over the offseason, Justice management worked hard to improve its tank line and revolutionise the team's ability to make room. Key tank Kim “Mag” Tae-sung, a phenom from RunAway in Overwatch Contenders Korea, is leading the charge.
  • Mag is still one of the most highly anticipated rookies heading into the 2021 season, so he'll have to live up to the hype.
  • The off-tank lineup of the team is equally impressive. Kim “Fury” Jun-ho, a former Philadelphia Fusion tank who has long been regarded as one of the strongest off-tanks in the world, was hired by Washington to provide frontline support for Mag.
  • Park “Ria” Sung-wook, a former Hangzhou Spark off-tank, is on standby in case more versatility is needed.


  • The Justice Department's tank line has been criticised for being overstaffed, while the support line has been criticised for being understaffed. Jung “Closer” Won-sik, the team's only key help, is another victim of previous underuse on the Dallas Fuel.
  • Despite his ability, he was always overlooked on other teams and missed the opportunity to showcase his abilities.
  • Yoon “BeBe” Huichang, another Hangzhou Spark alumnus, is filling the Justice's flex support position this year. If the meta moves to a dual flex support setup, one of his DPS players will be forced to move to support to assist him.


  • Last year, Jang “Decay” Gui-un was the Washington Justice's saviour, rolling through opponents on Zarya and helping the team reach the playoffs.
  • He's back on flex DPS duties this year, but he's also trying to help his team out.
  • Washington now has more DPS hero choices than ever before, thanks to the additions of former RunAway flex Kim “Assassin” Sung-won and Lee “TTuba” Ho-sung. 


  • The Justice's performance in 2020 was based on chance, individual talent, and Decay's tireless efforts to carry his squad.
  • Washington is searching for a more secure path to victory this year. The squad did struggle in 2020 as a result of constant player losses and a changing roster.
  • The organisation may finally see predictable results now that a solid group of players has been locked in for the long haul.
  • The tank line for Washington is by far the most dangerous on the team.
  • The Justice's support line is severely lacking, but if the team's sole emphasis is on keeping the tank line intact, it might be enough to destroy the league's bottom half.