Riot Games and NODWIN Gaming announced the VALORANT Conquerors Championship for the South Asian area on May 29th. 2021. The winner of the VALORANT Conquerors Championship will be eligible to compete in the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers, which are part of the VALORANT Champions Tour in 2021.

The Indian teams' journey to secure a position in the Valorous Champions Tour began a day before yesterday. The group division and schedule for the forthcoming VALORANT Conquerors Championship India Qualifiers 1 were recently published by NODWIN Gaming.

The Valorous Conquerors Championship will serve as a qualifier for the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers for teams from South Asia. It is the sole option for Indian and other South Asian teams to qualify for the Valranto Champions Tour 2021, which will take place later this year.

To advance to the grand final playoffs, all registered teams in each sub-region will compete in single-elimination online qualifications. The runners-up of the five regional qualifiers will be able to compete again in the additional wildcard slot.

Seven teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket in the Wild Card qualifiers, with the winner earning a spot in the VCC grand final playoffs. Except for the finals, which will be a best-of-five tie, all matches in the online qualification will be a best-of-three.

For India Qualifiers 1, 364 teams have registered and have been grouped into two groups. Velocity Gaming, T69, and Godlike Esports are among the prominent names in Group A. Global Esports, Samurai Esports, Enigma Gaming, Villainous, and Force One X Leg Stump Esports will compete in Group B.

On July 11th, 2021, the VALORANT Conquerors Championship India Qualifiers #1 final will take place. NODWIN Gaming's YouTube and Twitch accounts will stream all of the matches.

Registration for India Qualifiers #2 will open on July 14th, 2021 and will close on July 27th, 2021.  India Qualifiers #2 tournament is scheduled for July 29th, 2021 thru August 8th, 2021. You can register for the tournament here