The first day has wrapped up of the Berlin tour of the VALORANT Champions tournament.

Ending the day, we have Vision Strikers striking a win from the Full Sense team, Crazy Raccoon taking a loss from Team Vikings, and fnatic with an intense finisher to place cloud9 into the bottom bracket.

Full Sense vs Vision Strikers

First, the Full Sense match against Vision Strikers came through with a 2-0 win in Vision Strikers' favor.  You could say the first strategy that proved fruitful from Vision Strikers, was choosing Haven for their first map. Several flawless rounds from Vision Strikers lead to a 13-5 domination. stax lead the team on Vision Strikers with a K/D differential of +11, an average combat score of 262. JohnOlsen lead Full Sense on KD with -5 but only in kills, the best spread was PTC and ChAlalala with a KD spread of -2. Just from those spreads alone, you can tell that Vision Strikers dominated the match.

The second map in the matching of Full Sense versus Vision Strikers was Breeze which again lead to another 13-5 domination from Vision Strikers. Buzz lead the match with a KD differential of +17, yielding a MASSIVE average combat score of 366 for this map. With the conclusion of this match, Vision Strikers move on, leaving Full Sense to compete in the bottom bracket for the remainder of the tournament.

Crazy Raccoons vs Team Vikings

Our match up of Crazy Raccoons versus Team Vikings resulted in a win for Team Vikings.  The first map chosen by Crazy Raccoons was Icebox which lead to a close game of 13 to 9, with a Vikings win. Sacy dominated the match with a KD spread of +13, resulting in an average combat score of 357.

The second map, picked by Team Vikings, yielded a similar story resulting in a 13 to 8 conclusion leading to the Vikings' victory for this match-up. This time around, the team on average had a similar spread. saadhak lead with a KD spread of +8 and ACS of 318.

cloud9 vs fnatic

This match-up between cloud9 and fnatic was quite tight. It was really anyone's game throughout the match without any real clear winner. The stats do tell a slightly different story however. fnatic showed off their strong flanking abilities, often separating apart to punch off cloud9 when points were being attacked.

The first map, Icebox, was won by fnatic at a score of 13 to 11. The obvious MVP of the round was the fnatic's Derke who mastered a KD spread of +16 with an ACS of 336.

The second map, Split yielded a much needed win by cloud9 who won 13 to 11. This map was picked by cloud9, so they definitely had a strategy to peeking corners and learning to step back when needing to in order to secure a win. There was not as obvious of a clear dominating MVP this map, but mitch on cloud9 had a +6 differential with an ACS of 261.

The third map was Fracture. fnatic squeezed by with a score of 14 to 12 here. Yet again with a strong domination by Derke of +8 KD and 323 ACS. Also notable was cloud9's Xeppa with a KD of +7 and ACS of 292.

cloud9 will be playing in the lower bracket while fnatic will continue onto the upper bracket.

That's all for now on the first day of the VALORANT Champions International 2021 tournament in Berlin. Stay tuned for tomorrow's results and if you have any thoughts, join us on Gamer Galaxy's Discord.