Unicorns of Love upset Cloud9 in what was meant to be their final match for a chance to advance to the group stage. The LCL representatives' performance on the third day of the League of Legends World Championship might have been devastating. UoL, on the other hand, keeps their chances for the group stage alive by defeating Cloud9 in less than 30 minutes.

When Unicorns of Love woke them awake, NA's third seed was practically on cloud-nine. If Cloud9 had won this match, they would have qualified for the group stage. The two teams will play one more game in a tiebreaker for a chance to proceed to the Worlds main stage after UoL's win.

UoL were on the correct track right from the start, claiming first blood and putting pressure on the mid lane. Despite these advantages, C9 led in gold and appeared to be on track to qualify for the group stages after two successful tower dives in the top lane.

In the opening teamfight of the game, UoL retaliated by taking out three players of the other team. The LCL delegates had a gold and tower advantage, as well as three dragons, by the 15th minute. C9 attempted to reclaim what they had lost while simultaneously robbing their opponents of their soul drake. It wasn't enough, though.

UoL surged towards the mid lane, destroying anything in their way, including rival heroes and the enemy nexus. With this win, UoL has a second chance to secure a spot in the group stage, where they will face BYG, PCS' second seed. To qualify for the group stage, C9 will face another team, the LJL representatives DFM.

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