To an amazing win in three straight matches, Sentinels dominated Immortals to take the 3-1 series and win the $20,000 grand prize for the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). Let’s find out how Sentinels stomped Immortals to win VCT Stage 1 North America.

Immortals all over have displayed nothing but class and perfection. The team was in VALORANT at their A-game. It is no small feat to win 10 Best-of-Three series straight to reach the grand finals. Over the entire length of open and closed qualifiers, they have driven their way.

Split: Immortal numbers, however, did not waver with Sentinels. Sentinels powered in the second match and scored 13-3 in Split, providing their best despite being 1-0.

AndBox: In the quarterfinals with a 2-0 scoreline, the Sentinels were knocked to the lower bracket by Luminosity. They regrouped, beating 2-0 Andbox and 2-1 Gen.G. Sentinels then defeated XSET 2-0 to score a Luminosity rematch, who, in a back-and-forth rematch series, defeated 2-1.

Bind: The Sentinels showed no signs of weakness in the third game. Even after Immortals made a late comeback in the game, Bind settled on a score of 13-8. With that. Sentinels gained a 2-1 advantage over Immortals.

At Bind, Sentinels won every single game. With the latest additions of Nicholas "NaturE" Garrison and Rhett "Kehmicals" Lynch just weeks before the qualifiers.

In addition to this firepower, in the first map, the outstanding plays by Michael "dapr" Gulino having 19 kills, held the momentum going for Sentinels.

Grand Finals

Icebox: Sentinels took advantage of the already broken morale of Immortals for the third and final game and prevailed with a 13-4 scorecard at Icebox. The winners of VALORANT Champions Tour NA Challengers Stage ONE, winning $20,000 in prize money, are Sentinels.

Sentinels are one step ahead of other teams in competing with this win for the title of VALORANT World Champion. Below are the rankings with finals plus winnings at the VALORANT champions tour NA,

1st – $20,000 – Sentinels

2nd – $10,000 – Immortals

3rd – $7,000 – Luminosity

4th – $5,000 – XSET

5th-6th – $3,000 – Team Envy

5th-6th – $3,000 – Gen.G

7th-8th – $1,000 – NRG

7th-8th – $1,000 – Andbox

What’s next?

Sentinels is one of the top 4 teams in North America, and this win just proves that they may just be some of the most talented players in the world. For Challengers 2, which will take place next week, the top 4 teams at the Challengers 1 event have all earned a spot.

That’s it for the highlights of the Sentinels grabbing a win at the VCT Stage 1- Challengers 1 in North America. Stay tuned for upcoming Challengers-2 championship.