Overwatch Contenders 2020, the Gauntlet North America is bagged by American Tornado. Twelve teams participated in Gauntlet North America 2020, eager to prove that they are the best in the region. In the final match American Tornado defeated Odyssey to become the champion. Take a look at the final match below.

The format of 2020 Overwatch League was as below:

  • Single Elimination Open Qualifier:
  • Every match was played in FT3 format.
  • Top four teams were qualified for the Knockout stage.
  • Double Elimination Knockout Stage:
  • 12 teams participated in this stage.
  • All eight participants of the November season of Contenders were automatically qualified for the Knockout stage.
  • All matches were first-to-three, except for Grand Final, which was first-to-four.

Maintaining their lead in winning the November tournament, the American Tornado entered the gauntlet with a first-round bye and back goal. In their first match, against Square One, the American Tornado outscored their opponents by a score of 3-1.

The 3-0 pace against Noble sent American Tornado straight to the winner's finals, where they met a familiar opponent Odyssey, who had matched them in previous monthly tournaments. Though the clutch finishes and damage contributions of Kyle "Rakatak" Rakouskas and Luke "Lukmino" Fish continued to be a key component of Odyssey team, American Tornado did manage to defeat them.

Contenders 2020 was concluded with a final match between the winners of Gauntlet North America and Gauntlet Europe. American Tornado and British Hurricane faced off to settle on which region is supreme. In the end, American Tornado claimed a stunning victory with a lead of 4-3.

Top three teams and their reward: